Melting Art on Amsterdam

Boats of Amsterdam: Houseboats

All houseboats I’ve seen have concrete floats or are converted bardges. Otherwise they modified  boats like i showed earlier. Here’s a row of them, which looks a little like a trailer park since they’re all the same shape. 

Boats of Amsterdam: Cared For Boats

It doesn’t take long for a nice boat to look pretty bad in Amsterdam, so many have boat covers and every once in a while, you can see someone cleaning their boat.

Boats of Amsterdam: Party Boats

Most boats on the canals of Amsterdam play the role of party boat at some time or another. As soon as the weather gets nice, people start cruising around the canals, often with friends and a bottle of wine. I haven’t seen the picnic table raft in use yet, but it looks more sea-worthy than a few others out there.

Boats of Amsterdam: Live Aboard Boats

Boats of Amsterdam: The Sinking Boats

May 12, 2017 1 comment

I’m starting a new series of blog posts to share the different types of boats that exist in the canals of Amsterdam.

How Piper Sees Herself

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