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The Busby Sit

Boats of Amsterdam: The Odd Boats

Boats of Amsterdam: Tour Boats

Tourists get to experience boating on the canals too. Some are big and some are small and my tip is to take a small one if you can, because they can go down a few canals that the big ones can’t.

Boats of Amsterdam: Neglected Boats

May 19, 2017 2 comments

Many boats go unused in the canals, possibly forgotten. Although I’m sure some get used a couple of times a year and others might get used every day, just not maintained.

Boats of Amsterdam: The Common Boat

Most boats in the canals are basic, shaped like a bathtub, and have little more than a couple of benches to sit on. It’s a very utilitarian approach to a boat, much like so many of the heavy and durable bicycles in the city. The one with the solar panels on the roof is a rental boat.

Boats of Amsterdam: Working Boats

May 16, 2017 2 comments

It all happens from boats on the canals: construction, steam cleaning, delivering packages, and selling flowers.

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