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Seattle Music

Our neighbor, Brad King from the local band Take Cover, plays at open mic nights in the neighborhood. Tonight he was at Inner Chapters Bookstore & Café where there also happened to be a guy from France with his harp and another guitarist. Brad prefers to sing, so they found some songs they all knew and played them. Brad didn’t know all the lyrics to a couple of songs, so he looked them up on his iPhone and read from it while singing. It was pretty impressive since they’d never played together and they were using a harp for rock songs. I especially liked hearing Smells Like Teen Spirit from Nirvana; partially since Nirvana was the local Seattle band that started grunge music in the 1990’s, but also because it was the French guy on the harp who asked the other two “do you know this one?”. Without any practice, they just nailed it – as much as you can in a small book store.

  1. Gail
    July 16, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    At our jam session at Dale and Sandy Gronhovd’s place on the fifth of July, Tony and Sandy Zenner used their IPhone and did the same thing for the words. However, It wasn’t a grunge song!If you know the melody, picking/playing the appropriate chord is done by ear, and watching the guitar players left hand first time thru. One of the things that make a jam session fun. Dad

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