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The oldest pub in London

Anne and Brian at the Lamb and Flag Tonight, for our friend Anne’s birthday, I treated her to something very London: a gin & tonic at an old London pub: the Lamb & Flag. It is most likely the oldest pub in London and probably best described by Charles Dickens (click to read). Pubs.com explains it as:  

… a small wooden fronted pub. At over 300 years, it’s the oldest in Covent Garden, and possibly one of the oldest in London…

The main reason for choosing this pub was a quest for an old gin bar, as described by Dickens. The fact that it was a warm and sunny Saturday made it all that much better. Since Charles Dickens wrote about this neighbourhood when explaining gin, I figured the oldest pub in this neighbourhood in London was an appropriate place to try.

While it does have some charm, the pub really isn’t all that. Yes, we had a G&T with Bombay Sapphire, but it was a bit crowded and with no good music to keep us entertained, we soon moved on. Still though, it was an interesting place worthy of the visit.

  1. taipeng
    April 25, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    really? london is a beautiful place.what is your e-mail address

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